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A Classical Contemporary Composition providing Hope during this era of uncertainty and social injustice.

Composers Carlos Fernando Lopez [who performed the piano] and Dr. José Valentino Ruiz [who performed the flute] aimed to create a piece the takes listeners on a sonic journey portraying the human experience; the beauties of cultural diversity, inclusivity, and equity which is (1) musically-observed by the respect, unity, and dialogue between the pianist and flutist, and (2) reflected in the harmonic, rhythmic, and timbral expressivity inspired by the quartal and harmonic traditions of Western European's Impressionism, Afro-Latin American polyrhythmic drumming, and indigenous textural expressions on the flute akin to the Colombian zampoña and Peruvian kena.

In just five minutes and twenty-five seconds, Lopez and Ruiz, provide a chronological road map of the human condition evoking the sacredness and inception of birth to a person's emotional uncovering of the world being both breathtakingly-beautiful [hence the breathy flute sound] and turbulent [hence the piano insinuating pain, war, and struggle]. Ultimately, the listener arrives to a halt and an inner destination where s/he realizes that life well-lived requires for humanity to humble themselves and connect with the Creator [evoked with the rubato drone of "eternity" played by the piano and the vocalizations on flute] to plea for restoration for the world. Through the eye’s and ear’s observance of "what IS sacred" such as people's lives, people's identities, people's heritage, and people's hopes and dreams, the person realizes that sacredness is omnipresent and must be preserved, not abolished.


Mestizo is an instrumental album by the Colombian pianist Laura Lambuley that fusions the powerful rhythms of Colombian and Venezuelan joropo, with Jazz music and classical piano. This album explores also different ensambles like piano and Llanera harp, piano and orchestra, and Laura's usual ensemble of piano, cuatro, bass and maracas. 

Produced by Carlos Fernando López, Laura Lambuley.

Laura Lambuley, Piano. Edmar Castañeda, Llanera harp. Rodner Padilla, Electric bass. Algelvis Sánchez, Electric Bass. Henry Linares, Cuatro. Juan Ernesto Laya, Maracas.

Mixed by Nicolas Ramirez

Mastering by Jorge Santos

Label: L Music-LandL Entertainment,LLC


Lignarius is dedicated to the memory of Juan Pulido. It is an album inspired by very personal and intimate experiences and memories. In each piece, the composer intends to picture either a retrospection, a representation or a re-signification of recent reflections about his childhood, his kids’ childhood, his identity, beliefs, about war, love, among others. 


Composition, Production and mixing: Carlos Fernando López.Performers: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, José Valentino, Marek Elznic, Laura Lambuley, Michael Hawes, Morena Kalziqi, Manuela López Lambuley, Carlos Fernando López.

Label: L Music - LandL Entertainment, LLC


Colombian Andean music for solo piano and piano and orchestra by Colombian composer and pianist Germán Darío Pérez, and produced by Carlitos Lopez.